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Teen Safe Classes

teen safe handgun course

I have been asked by several people in the SDA
Classes to present a teen gun safety class with some range time to educate

on firearms and replace curiosity with gun safety knowledge!
The sport of shooting builds self confidence and family bonding time

with some great home protection conversations.

In this class, these teens are taught the seriousness of firearm safety. They will learn how to safely handle a firearm, load, unload and the seven
Fundamentals steps of shooting along with gun laws, both state and federal.
So far it looks like about three hours of classroom
training and 45 minutes of range time per student.
Parents would not be required to attend the classroom portion of this training, but will find it eye opening to hear what these children already know about firearms!

Due to Oklahoma state statutes regarding possession of firearms under the age of 21,
I would ask that one of the parents be present during range time.

Cost would be $45 with  $5 discount for  additional siblings!

Range fee's and ammo included.

There is no  charge for  loaner pistols .
Ages will depend on parents recommendations and supervision.
This will be fun and safe class.
No firearms or ammo will be allowed in classroom!

This is a work in progress so feel free to make suggestions!

Classroom training will be SUNDAY  Pending, 2016  at   2 PM to 5 PM
Gun Range training will be SUNDAY Pending, 2016  at   2 PM to 5PM